The career of Juan F. García Vinuesa (saxophonist, composer and musicologist) could be portrayed in a few words: nomadism, research and creation. Over the past 15 years, he has been living in some of the neuralgic centers of the jazz done in Europe, such as the UK, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Moreover, he has recently just returned from a two-year vital period of exploration in the city of Chicago.

  From a current aesthetic perspective, his music is characterized by integrating the balance between construction and deconstruction through coherent composition; the maturity through the combination of guided and free improvisation; the musical form flexibility and, especially his commitment to encourage collective interaction and sound exploration. All this, seasoned by a very personal sound at the sax, that is also emphatic, without any complexes of class, angular and lyrical when the situation requires so. Elegant, as some critics have described it.

  As a professional musician, he has worked with several projects consolidating his mastery in heterogeneous styles such as jazz, blues, flamenco, soul, traditional Spanish music and electronic music. Regarding other areas, he has collaborated as a composer in works related to image and visual arts, being required as arranger from different popular music fields.

  From years ago,Vinuesa leads groups in constant evolution, as well as participating in projects with other great musicians of different genres. Some of the names he has been working with are: Luther Thomas, Paul Stocker, Josh Berman, Jason Roebke, Mikel Patrick Avery, Guillermo Morente, Vicente Espí, Amadeu Adell, Francis Posé, Carlos Cruz, C. Jiménez “El Curro”, Noemí Álvarez, David Ortolá, Dani García, Héctor Oliveira, Israel Sandoval, Jesús Hernández, Sergio “El Colorao”, Celia Mur, Hélene Crécent, Al Supersonic & The Teenagers or The Soulsuckers.

  As a bandleader, he has published four albums in the fields of jazz, flamenco and contemporary music, trends that chisel the essence of an aesthetic very inspired by improvisation and instant composition. In the academic field, he has published several articles in specialized magazines.

  In the summer of 2017, Juan F. García Vinuesa achieved an international PhD in modern jazz with the “Cum Laude” mention by the University of Granada. He currently combines his academic research with his work as an educator, his activity as a “freelance” musician and his work of musical creation around Madrid.

The recent release of his last album with the international label NoBusiness Records, makes him one of the musicians with major projection in the contemporary jazz scene in Spain.

  Vector Sounds. October, 2019